125 Maiden


Time Equities, Inc. is dedicated to environmentally responsible practices and strives to be a leader in green building. 125 Maiden Lane is a prime example of our commitment to energy savings, the reduction of our carbon footprint, and creating an exceptional work environment for our owners, tenants, and their guests.


The EPA has awarded 125 Maiden Lane an Energy Star Label, placing it in the top 25% of energy efficient commercial buildings. Our green initiatives in pursuit of LEED certification have resulted in pronounced improvements to the building including diverting 75% of building waste from landfills, saving 13% of building water (or 2 million gallons of water annually), and implementing a comprehensive green cleaning and pest management program to minimize the use of toxic chemicals.


As a result of these improvements, 125 Maiden Lane now posseses a major mechanical retrofit, which has increased control of the building's systems and propelled 125 Maiden Lane to LEED Gold Certification.


125 Maiden Lane's approaches to environmental sustainability and green practices are comprehensive.  Results can be seen in significant reductions in energy costs, carbon footprint, and an overall enhancement to the building. We hope that you will enjoy working in this improved environment. We know we do.


For more information about Time Equities Inc.'s green initiatives, please visit TE Greengineers.